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Much appreciated, Mel. Incredible morning everyone and an obligation of appreciation is all together for obliging us for our last quarter 2020 pay call. Today we gave our benefit release, our monetary benefactor update and a presentation we'll reference during this call. All of those files are available on our site at investor Jetblue reservations and have been reported with the SEC.

Obliging me here in New York to discuss our results are Robin Hayes, our Chief Executive Officer; Joanna Geraghty, our President and Chief Operating Officer; and Steve Priest, our Chief Financial Officer. Similarly obliging us for Q&A are Scott Laurence, Head of Revenue and Planning and Dave Clark, VP of Sales and Revenue Management.

This current morning's call joins forward-looking enunciations about future events. Certifiable results may differentiate significantly from those imparted in the forward-looking statements in light of various factors and thus, monetary sponsors should not place pointless reliance on these clarifications. For additional information concerning factors that could make results contrast from the forward-looking declarations, generously imply our public assertion, 10-Q and various reports recorded with the SEC.

Moreover, all through our call, we may analyze a couple of non-GAAP financial measures. For a trade off of these non-GAAP measures to GAAP measures, generously suggest the tables at the completion of our benefit release, a copy of which is open on our site.

Moreover, as of now, I'd like to give up the call to Robin Hayes, JetBlue airlines's CEO.

Much gratitude to you, Dave. Great day, everyone. I believe you're doing OK. As we've done in past pay calls, since the pandemic began, I should pause and recall a lost gathering of people; one of the 10 we have now lost to COVID-19. Garrick Gam [Phonetic] was significant for our ground exercises bunch at JFK since 2005 and his partners will remember him for his mindfulness, his energy and warmth, and his excitement to reliably surpass all assumptions. Our contemplations go out to Garrick's friends and family, to the whole of our group of people that knew him and besides everyone so influenced by this pandemic.

By and by, I'd like to see our 20,000 gathering people for their relentless commitment to serve our customers. 2020 was a year like no other. Besides, as the COVID-19 pandemic tried our industry in habits we have never seen, our group people lived up to individuals' high desires and finished our primary objective to persuade humankind. The genuine foundation of our strategy, our lifestyle, our energy, our customer help and our accentuation on security, continue guiding us as we stroll toward recovery.

At Jetblue reservations number, we have been placing assets into our lifestyle of over 20 years and our long-standing commitment to connecting with our gathering people is presently more huge than any time in ongoing memory. As an assistance association, the pandemic and wails for social value have underscored our work in reducing tendencies that have existed for a truly lengthy timespan. We are starting 2021 with a resuscitated assortment, worth and joining plan. Our duty is to add all the more probable supplement DEI into the surface of JetBlue airlines and to continue with our minority and female depiction in official and boss positions - continue extending our minority and female depiction in official and boss situations among now and the completion of 2025. We are similarly supporting our commitment to place assets into our group people and improve the permission to progression openings. At last, we plan to mirror the more probable mirror of the various organizations and social orders we serve all in all zones of JetBlue airlines.

We believe JetBlue airlines will continue setting the standard in our industry with our exhaustive ESG approach, and be the fundamental transporter with FASB reporting. Our commitment to the environment is to decrease spreads across our business as we respond to the changing presumptions for our customers, group people and owners. Today, we are the solitary U.S. transporter that has achieved carbon absence of predisposition for each and every local flight. We similarly mean to achieve net non-renewable energy source results across the aggregate of our errands - net zero-petroleum product side-effects across the whole of our exercises before the completion of 2040 at the latest. We will likely accomplish these goals through an eco-accommodating plane, developing our use of legitimate aeronautics stimulates, and purchasing carbon adjusts. Not long from now, we plan to disperse our yearly ESG report, indicating new action, approaches and disclosures and we'll continue with our conversations with all of our accomplices. I'm satisfied that while we are in a pandemic, our gathering continues zeroing in on our work on ESG.

As of now, we should move to Slide 4 of our presentation. In the last quarter, we uncovered a changed hardship for each segment of $1.53. Notwithstanding the money related results, I'm happy for what our group people have accomplished in this striking year, and I couldn't be all the more secure with our future. Our gathering has administered through the persistent interest challenges, yet moreover have acquired huge progress on fundamental exercises, including pay, breaking point and cost exercises. Through this work, we acknowledge we will emerge as a more grounded JetBlue airline.

Moving to Slide 5. We continue on our approach to recovery, which involves three phases: first, diminishing our cash devour, second, revamping our edges; and third, fixing our bookkeeping report. As we went through 2020 and really decreased our cash burn-through, and we are by and by starting to move our focus to redoing our edges. We remain attentive and optimistic that solicitation examples will improve soon. Even more basically, this crisis has made us a more agile, imaginative and solid airplane. Furthermore, we acknowledge our drives will allow us to emerge with generally better edges.

We should start with our association plan. We have taken strong actions to guarantee exchange and stay relevant out of our middle metropolitan networks and pronounced in excess of 80 new business areas, while accelerating our augmentation in by and large constrained business sectors like New York and LAX. We are eager to intertwine new planes into our naval force that will maintain our association plans. This year, we are getting the game-changing A220 and it's remarkable monetary perspectives. We'll moreover fly the low-thickness A321neo and the A321LR, the two of which consolidate our unimaginably invigorating new mint thing, which will pass on forward our achievement in upsetting and reevaluating premium travel at a very basic level lower tolls.

We're so anxious to quickly dispatch our achievement Northeast association with American Airlines. This is a really imaginative association between two self-governing transporters. Through our unmistakable game plans, we desire to develop flying in significantly obliged promotions and convey every one of the more low admissions to more customers. We expect to offer new and extended flight decisions, improved plans, better affiliations and more genuine costs. Our customers will move toward more local and worldwide evenhanded and an improved normal client program. For JetBlue airlines, this conspiracy will help us with recovering quickly, while furthermore guaranteeing occupations.

Past task force and association, we mean to continue overhauling our electronic understanding and develop our JetBlue airlines travel things offering. A year prior, we relaunched JetBlue airlines Vacations, conveying imaginative new benefits to loosen up groups like altered organization in area, travel benefits, portion versatility, and a best worth guarantee. We similarly redesigned our development security thing. We are by and by endeavoring to scale up our establishment to help our customers with adding things for their agenda things with JetBlue airlines. The fundamental results are enabling and we acknowledge that as diversion traffic returns, we will see interface rates improving appear differently in relation to our pre-COVID rates.

All in all, we stay zeroed in on keeping our costs low and ensuring that our undertakings across Jetblue Official site convert into better edges and higher benefit. We continue finding significant opportunities to both - in both our fixed and variable cost structures, which develops our straightforwardness, low-cost unwinding model. Steve will give more detail on our 2021 cost plan and how this adds to the cost venture subsidizes we achieved through our essential cost program.

Clearly, all of these undertakings would not be possible without our awe-inspiring gathering people. I need to offer thanks toward them for their surrendering of one's own needs as this crisis has influenced their lives with diminished hours and reduced checks. Moreover, for the sum of our gathering people, I need to thank our organization bosses, particularly at the U.S. Vault for their continued and irreplaceable assistance for our industry, which has helped save various positions.

We are, as we in general know, investigating the most troublesome events in our arrangement of encounters. Regardless, we are starting to see a promising zenith of current conditions. Our gathering will continue doing all that we can to get the inevitable destiny of JetBlue airlines, guarantee our group people and emerge as a more grounded transporter.

Much gratitude to you, Robin. Beginning, a holler to our gathering people who continue managing the sum of the challenges and operational complexities related with COVID. They are passing on a secured and sound experience the entire day consistently for our customers and have truly been at the point of convergence of our Safety from the Ground Up Program. They continue imbuing assurance that flying excess parts and ensured strategy for development. Besides, by virtue of them, we saw, in 2020, maybe

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